AGUSHI is a boutique residential building company that has established itself as a leading builder of contemporary homes in Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

Each year, we undertake a limited number of projects which enables us the opportunity to work very closely with our clients and their designers thereby ensuring the ultimate outcome for everyone.

Contemporary architecture and interior design is our passion and we take enormous pride in creating highly detailed, bespoke homes.

Our team comprises of a small group of site staff and a close-knit collection of sub-contractors who follow our management crew from project to project. By
 maintaining a tight relationship with our suppliers and sub-contractors, we are able to ensure timely completion and exceptional workmanship that our clients have come to know.

The AGUSHI team is headed by Director Bear Agushi who was born into the world of residential construction and development. Bear has a Bachelor of Commerce
 from Melbourne University and more than 18 years of
 experience in the Melbourne building industry ranging
 from medium density housing to boutique homes. All projects are micro-managed directly by Bear to ensure total accountability and client satisfaction.